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Have you seen the TV series "THE MEDICIS"? Do you want to know more about the family that transformed Florence into the symbolic city of the Renaissance?

Their intrigues, their power games, their conspiracies, their wives, and their lovers? Do you want to know who Cosimo The Elder really was? Peter the Gouty, Lorenzo Il Magnificient? Do you also want to see the Palaces of Rinaldo degli Albizi, as well as the Strozzi and the Pazzi families, the sworn enemies of the Medici? Here is the tour for you!

Together we will see the Palace where the famous Medici family lived, the artists and philosophers who created the Renaissance in Florence and the world!

You will visit the Chapel of the Magi, frescoed in the fifteenth century with the real portraits of the family members. You will stop in the magnificent cloister where the park full of statues began, where Michelangelo learned to sculpt and you will wander among the rooms where they lived: Michelangelo, Marsilio Ficino, Agnolo Poliziano, Pico della Mirandola, and many other artists and thinkers.

The Palace, the work of Michelozzo, was built in 1444 by Cosimo il Vecchio de 'Medici, Pater Patriae, and is considered the first Renaissance palace in the world.

We will then walk outside through the Florence of the time and we will stop to see buildings of relevance for the history of the Medici family and of Florence. We will see where many scenes of the TV series have been filmed.

We will tell you the true story of the Medici, Albizi, Strozzi, Pazzi, and other families who have had the good fortune (or perhaps the misfortune) of meeting the Medici in their lives!

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