Tours / Stefano Bardini & Rodolfo Siviero: a Life Like an Art Gallery

The Art of 007 and the “bad Stefano”- Antiques Merchant

Florence 19th century : Antique dealing started as a professional business. This happened when people began to "eviscerate" the historic center of Florence to create a more modern town, in line with major European cities. Works of art and architecture, parts of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, which were buried deep, returned to the light and gave the start to the trade of the most fascinating works of art in the world (and their fake copies as well!).

Stefano Bardini, a controversial figure, sold works of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance era to the most important people, like the couple Jacquemart-André in Paris, Wilhelm Bode in Berlin, and the Romanoff and Demidoff. In his beautiful house, painted in "blue Bardini", the colour he invented, you can still see hundreds of works of art, among them the Madonna della Mela and the Madonna dei Cordai by Donatello, the Archangel Michael by Antonio del Pollaiuolo, and Charity by Tino di Camaino. In another area of the museum are the Piglet by Pietro Tacca and Giambologna's Diavolino, together with one original of the two lions of the 14th century, belonging to the main entrance of Palazzo Vecchio

Rodolfo Siviero lived during the Second World War and is known as the 007 of art because he has recovered and protected most of the Italian artistic heritage from being destroyed in the war, and even from some of the allies. In the beautiful house on the Lungarno, we can still visit the library where Siviero hid the codes that give the precise location of statues, paintings, tapestries, and other works of art, stolen from the Uffizi Gallery and other Florentine art galleries .

Info about the tour:

Meeting with the guide: Lungarno Serristori N. 5 in front of Casa Rodolfo Siviero

Visit of the museum house.

Then we will go to the Stefano Bardini Museum, home of the famous antique dealer of the 1800.

In addition to the other works of art we will also visit the armory, the bronzes, the Robbiane terracottas, the coram, and the original Piglet by Pietro Tacca, a copy of which is under the Loggia of the New Market, as well as the original Diavolino by Giambologna.


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Meeting Point: Lungarno Serristori n. 5, in front of Casa Rodolfo Siviero