Tours / Rome: guided tour of the three Patriarcal Basilicas

This tour will show you the three Basilicas that along with St. Peter’s at the Vatican, compose the four Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome.

St. John’s in Lateran, was the first Basilica built under the Emperor Constantine. Originally dedicated directly to Christ Savior is the Cathedral of Rome and this hosted the Residence of the Popes before this was moved into the Vatican. On its right side is the tallest and the most ancient (II millennium b.C.) of the Egyptian Obelisks in Rome. Not far away we reach the most important church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Santa Maria Maggiore. It is right on the Esquiline hill and is famous for its domes, its amazing mosaics and for hosting the tomb of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. A short distance from this area of the historical center towards the south, we reach the ancient city Aurelian Walls, where we find St. Paul’s Door and the Cestia Pyramid of the I Century B.C. by Mausoleum of the Consol Caius Cestius, built with blocks of marble from Luni (today Carrara marble). Continuing along the ancient city Aurelian walls on the Via Ostiense, we reach the Basilica of St. Paul outside the city walls (San Paolo Fuori le Mura), the largest one in Rome besides St. Peter’s in the Vatican.

It was built where Saint Paul was buried and it was majorly rebuilt in the 19th Century after a big fire.


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Meeting Point: San Giovanni in Laterano Square - Central obelisk