Tours / Chianti relax in a farmer's carriage

"The Tuscan countryside was built like a work of art by a refined people, the same one who ordered paintings and frescoes to its painters in the 15th century: this is the characteristic, the main feature that has been drawn over the centuries in the design of the fields , in the architecture of Tuscan houses. It is incredible how these people have built their rural landscapes as if they had no other concern than beauty "(Henri Desplanques)

Return to the peasant origins of Tuscany,

relax in a two-hour tour among the vineyards created by hand from our tradition of centuries and centuries.

On the old farmer's carriage you will smell the smells and scents of the past, you will see grazing animals, you will immerse yourself in the slow stillness of our farming tradition.
You will abandon yourself to the lull of the carriage and the sounds of unspoiled, silent nature, where the streams, the wind and the leaves speak.
You will cross the vineyards of the wine that made Tuscany great in the world: Chianti

A memorable tour, unique in its originality: Chianti in a carriage!

The coachman speaks only Italian, if you want a tour guide on board, you can reserve it from our calendar.

If, on the other hand, you want to be in contemplation in the muffled atmosphere of nature and listen to the sights and sounds of the Tuscan countryside, then you don't need a tour guide for this tour

A wine tasting during the appetizer tour? Don't miss it, book it!

"Yet, if you look closely, sweetness is not the most intimate characteristic of the Tuscan land, as it is of Umbria. Even in the most pleasant parts, such as the Mugello and Chianti valleys, under the graceful envelope one discovers a precision, a purity of contours, a meager rigor of design: while the eye is enchanted by the sweetness of the first appearances, it slips inside the soul a more severe lesson. Tuscan beauty is a beauty of rigor, perfection, sometimes asceticism, under the aspect of grace ". (Guido Piovene)


Available days: Every day

Available Languages:

Italian. For a different language book the tour guide option

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Child rate: 6 - 17 years with ID. Please insert number of persons!

Meeting Point: Località Montagnana via Volterrana NORD 193 50025 Montespertoli, Toscana