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Santa Maria Novella square was the site of countless celebrations and entertainments, among the most important ones we remember the Cocchi's grabs, announced by Cosimo I of the Medici during the mid 500's.

The two marble obelisks used to symbolize the grabs' goal. The grab consisted of a race where the carriages had to turn around two pyramidal structures. The Florentine quarters used to take part in the race with a cheerful spirit.

The venerable church of Santa Maria Novella, so named by Boccaccio in a famous Decameron's passage, charms because of its Renaissance perfection, thanks to the facade made by Leon Battista Alberti. However, the church has a strong Gothic style predominance.

The church interior includes unique masterpieces, such as the Trinity by Masaccio, the crucifix by Brunelleschi, the Girlandaio's frescoes into the Tardibuoni's Chapel, and the crucifix by Giotto- the most important Florentine artists ever.

In Florence even the less known places hide a huge charm and you can get to one of these places by walking near Santa Maria Novella church. We are talking about Santa Maria Novella's pharmaceutical workshop- In spite of its poor notoriety, it is the most ancient pharmacy in the world. Passing through an old doorway, we will find ourselves back in the ancient 1300's, a period of splendour and luxury.

You can buy potions of all kinds, often miraculous or according to someone, even magical! Upon entering the first room, our sense of smell will be pervaded by a colorful atmosphere and sweet perfumes.

Among the most renowned pharmaceutical products, you have Santa Maria Novella's water or Anthysterical water as it was called in ancient times, the Medici's elixir and the red liquor Alkermes.

Enjoy this tour to discover old Florence art and the smells of ancient times!


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