Tours / Machiavellis zu Hause: Wein und Geschicht

"Mangiato che ho, ritorno nell'hosteria: quivi è l'hoste, per l'ordinario, un beccaio, un mugnaio, dua fornaciai. Con questi io m'ingaglioffo per tutto dí giuocando a cricca, a trich-trach, e poi dove nascono mille contese e infiniti dispetti di parole iniuriose; e il più delle volte si combatte un quattrino, e siamo sentiti non di manco gridare da San Casciano."

A journey between knowledge and flavor to discover the wonderful village of Sant'Andrea in Percussina, just outside Florence.

Among those valleys Niccolò Machiavelli went into exile and, between a glass of wine and a game of cards, he found the inspiration to write his masterpiece: "Il Principe".

We will enter the family home where he lived and a guide will tell you some anecdotes about the period that Machiavelli spent there.

After visiting the house we will go to the historic tavern "L'Albergaccio", where the author spent his days with the locals, and we will also visit the Machiavelli Winery, a real heaven for wine lovers, where some excellent wines of the Gallo Nero Consortium are produced. In addition to watching, you will also be able to taste! In fact, some appetizers await you, together with a selection of local meats and cheeses.

Finally, you can enjoy a walk in the village of Sant'Andrea in Percussina, an ancient and charming village facing north on the city of Florence, with a view of the Cathedral and of the hills of Fiesole, and east on the valley of Greve and on Impruneta, with a view up to the Pratomagno.

An experience suitable for detaching from the daily chaos and relaxing enjoying the Tuscan countryside and its delicious products!


Wann: Jeden Tag

Buchbare Beginnzeit: From 9:00 am to 04:00 pm

Dauer: 4 Stunden


Alle, mit Reservierung

Preis Erwachsene: Der Preis hängt von der Anzahl der Personen. BERECHNEN SIE IHREN PREIS!

Preis Kinder: Von 6 bis 17 mit alkoolfreien Getraenken. Geben Sie die Anzahl der Personen!

Treffpunkt: Wir werden nach den Bedürfnissen der Besucher zustimmen

Inbegriffen im Preis: Car with private driver to get to Machiavelli's house, visit in Chianti and return
Tasting at the Machiavelli winery with guided tour
Tourist guide specialized in the character of Machiavelli and in the Chianti