Tours / FLORENCE OVER THE TOP: the Renaissance admired from the hidden tower!

The emotion of touching Florence with a finger.

There is a very specific and indoor point, a secret point in the heart of the city, a hall from where Florence can be explored at 360 degrees.
Together we will climb the steps of a hidden tower between the walls of an ancient church and the mystery is unveiled!
Our guide will show you all the monuments of the city, all visible from the huge windows.
Every window is a postcard of Florence!
But there is more: an entire museum hidden with original statues from the geniuses of the Renaissance: Brunelleschi, Donatello, Ghiberti, and others. Here, the effigy of the little Leonardo Da Vinci is also visible, portrayed in bronze by his master Andrea del Verrocchio, when the genius worked in his workshop as a child.

Immerse yourself completely in the landscape of Florence, but from a secret corner! Just remember: there are a number of steps to climb!



Available days: Monday

Bookable Starting Time: 11:30 am

Duration: 1,30 hours

Available Languages: English, Italiano, Francais, Deutsch, Español

Adult rate: € 25,00

Child rate: € 12,00 up to 17 years with ID
0-5 free

Meeting Point: Piazza della Repubblica, Column of Abundancy