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By participating at this private tour of three hours we will see many places described in the novel by Dan Brown: Inferno.

We will walk in the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the tracks that lead the protagonists of the book, Robert Langdon and Sienna Brooks, to find the truth.

We start from the church of San Geremia, where the relics of Saint Lucia are still preserved. From there by motor boat we will cross the northern part of the Venice Lagoon and will pass in front of the famous Cemetery Island of San Michele. We will reach the Venetian Arsenal, place that Dante Alighieri mentions in the Canto XXI of Inferno. Here Dante was inspired by the idea of ​​boiling pitch that tortures the damned in the Inferno. In this place we read the famous inscription we can read in Dante's Divine Comedy.

Sailing on the Lagoon of Venice we arrive on the waterfront San Marco...

Sailing on the Lagoon of Venice we arrive on the waterfront San Marco and see the Sospiri Bridge and the famous Venetian prisons. The tour includes a visit to the crypt of the nearby church of San Zaccaria, the only one open to the public in the city of Venice.

We will discover together the Basilica of San Marco, the golden church, and we will find the famous four horses of St Mark on its terrace. This is the place where Enrico Dandolo, the bling doge, called the Venetians for the Fourth Crusade in 1202. Through a short walk we reach the Rialto area, where we touch the palace of Doge Dandolo, who died and was buried in Constantinople in 1205.

Inferno Tour: a Venetian experience not to be missed!


Available days: Everyday from Monday to Saturday

Bookable Starting Time: From 11:00 am to midday

Duration: 3 hours

Available Languages:

All, on reservation

Adult rate: The rate depends on the number of people. CALCULATE YOUR RATE!

Child rate: From 6 to 17 years and with ID. Enter the number of people

Meeting Point: In front of main entrance San Geremia Church, Venice