On the occasion of the 500 anniversary of the death of Raffaello Sanzio of Urbino, who contributed so much to beautify the city of Florence during his stay in our city, we offer a tour to discover the best known and least known masterpieces of the painter.

The Palatine Gallery of Palazzo Pitti houses the best Raphael paintings in Florence, perhaps even a portrait of the beautiful Fornarina (the Baker’s daughter) in the sweet face of the Madonna della Seggiola.
These are totally new paintings compared to Raphael's style, when the painter was still in Urbino. When he arrived in Florence in 1504 Raphael was just 18 years old and immediately sought contact between the two undisputed masters of the time: Michelangelo and Leonardo. Although reluctant to meet him, they had to capitulate in front of the artist, who was many years younger than them. The style of Raphael in Florence completely absorbs the style of Leonardo da Vinci, so much so that one of the reasons that prompted Raphael to come to Florence was precisely to see the Mona Lisa live, a painting that Leonardo had made a few months before. We will pass in front of the Palace where Raphael saw Leonardo's painting and was impressed by it.
Not everyone knows that Raphael was also an eclectic architect with an original aesthetic taste. That’s why we will wander among some buildings built by Raffaello architect in Florence, very different palaces from the Florentine Renaissance-style buildings.
Palazzo Pandolfini was designed by Raffaello, although later executed by Sangallo. Still a private property of the Pandolfini, it preserves a characteristic Renaissance structure and garden.
Palazzo Taddei is one of the places where Raphael stayed in Florence from 1504 to 1508.
Palazzo Uguccioni, one of the most beautiful and original buildings in Florence, was also designed by Raphael and has the imprint of the typical Roman palace of the late Renaissance
Raffaello was handsome, gentle and was popular with both patrons and other artists of his time. During the tour, in addition to seeing the works that marked his artistic journey in Florence,

the guide will tell you the story of Raphael's short but intense life.


Available days: Every day except on Monday

Bookable Starting Time: From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Duration: 3 hours

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Meeting Point: In front of the main entrance of Pitti Palace