Tours / Street Art Tour in Florence

Street art and graffiti, born in the United States as expressive forms of rebellion, have now conquered the world and even the walls of Florence.

The same city that witnessed the birth and the works of art of artists such as Michelangelo Botticelli and Leonardo, and therefore it is named the "cradle of Renaissance", has a new face that's about to be revealed. Florence and its citizens are so proud to attract each years thousands of tourists to look at the "masterpieces of Renaissance", that sometimes they forget that art is evolution and that under the shade of Brunelleschi's Dome there's still a world in turmoil: the one of young gifted street-artists.

Recently a new generation of artists has emerged starting a cultural dialogue on the walls of the city, their purpose is to bring art close to the everyday-life of the citizens once again, to spread new ideas, to arise some awareness, to inspire hope.

The aim of this tour is to estabilish a genuine dialogue between past and present, what we suggest is to look at Florence from a different point of view: a source of inspiration and a beautiful frame for contemporary graffiti.

During our walk thorugh the city we will  explore the main squares as Santa Maria Novella, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Pitti, and we will lead you through some streets a little off the beaten path to discover together some hidden corners filled with unexpected works of art.

 This kind of tour is an amazing way to see another side of Florence and it's recommended for those who want to spot something intriguing and a little less “touristy”. Our guide will share his knowledge about history, origins, and motivations of the protagonists of the street-art phenomenon, starting from the alleys and corners where the works are visible and finally taking you the studios and galleries where urban art is made and officially displayed   

Each artist has its own style and once you know what to look for, you’ll start spotting them all over the city. Are you getting curious?


Available days: Everyday from Monday to Sunday

Duration: 3 hours

Available Languages:

All, on reservation

Adult rate: The rate of the tour depends on the number of persons CALCULATE YOUR OWN RATE!

Meeting Point: Piazza San Giovanni: in front of the central door of the Cathedral