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Are you a lover of religious circuits but want to see the essentials in a short time? This tour is for you!

You will have the unique opportunity to admire up close the restoration work just begun of the Brancacci Chapel, a building site thanks to which you can see up close the magnificent frescoes of Masaccio, Masolino da Panicale and Filippino Lippi.

We will safely climb on the scaffolding whilst respecting the work of the expert restorers, where our guide will lead you into the magical world of fresco: colors, stories, and paintings!

The history of the complex starts from the Middle Ages, in fact in 1268 thanks to a group of friars and the contribution of the most wealthy Florentine families rose the church Santa Maria del Carmine
Although the facade of the church remains unfinished, and still composed of stones and bricks, over the years by the will of Duke Cosimo I, the architect Giorgio Vasari removed the partition, placed the choir in the presbytery and completely renovated the altars.
In 1771 due to a terrible fire part of the interior and furnishings of the church were lost
The ancient Sacristy, the Brancacci Chapel and the Corsini Chapel (1675-1683) were spared, a rare and valuable example of Roman Baroque in Florence.
The merit of the decorations of the chapel and the execution of the frescoes was the rich merchant and patron Felice Brancacci. Masolino and Masaccio worked side by side to the visual narration of the stories of Saint Peter. In late 1400 the cycle of frescoes was completed by Filippino Lippi
We do not want to reveal to you all the legends that our expert guide will introduce you before going to the construction site from which you will admire closely the events from the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles and the Golden Legend
We leave you 3 good reasons to visit the restoration site of the Brancacci Chapel:
- It is considered an undisputed masterpiece of painting, thanks to which the First Renaissance is inaugurated;
- It was built at the behest of the Brancacci, a family member of Florence in the fifteenth century, then fell into disgrace after various contrasts and vicissitudes with the Medici lineage;

- It tells the stories of St Peter , who was entrusted with the task of founding the church of Christ to continue the mission of saving man after original sin and the expulsion from heaven.

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